Don Miguel Apartments
Don Miguel Apartments
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Don Miguel Apartments

Since the beginning, the Sabater family has worked in all areas of the hotel.
The family has not just tried to create a hotel, but rather a business model whereby the tourists that visit us can feel at home: 
this is achieved through direct and personalised service and helpful and friendly staff who always wear a smile.

Don Miguel’s way of doing things has led to Hotel Panorama becoming a home for many of his clients who come back year after year, and return to the hotel in order to enjoy their holidays in Mallorca.
The same applies to his staff members, some of whom have been working at the hotel for more than 30 years, making them part of the big Hotel Panorama family.
We, the heirs of Hotel Panorama, along with the workers make an effort every day with our work to ensure that our guests only need to focus on enjoying Mallorca.


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