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Enjoy Pollensa / 05 Sep 2017
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Top 4 easy walking routes in the Port de Pollensa area

The Port de Pollensa area, on the far northern corner of Mallorca, is one of the most surprisingly diverse and well protected parts of the island and is becoming increasingly popular with walkers, bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. 

The coastal paths and mountains in this part of the north offer a wealth of hiking routes, among pine forests and along the craggy coastline, which will take you to small beaches and coves and up to the highest peaks and lookouts.

An area of outstanding natural beauty

This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and we have selected 4 great walks in the Port de Pollensa area that will take you to the furthest corners of the north of Mallorca, over mountains and hills, along the coastal ridges, to the smaller coves and the furthest points. You can begin and end all these routes in Port Pollensa, and they are non-technical and suitable for most averagely fit people. 

These are all routes which you can do easily on your own but if you feel safer going with a local guide, then you can book tailor made routes to suit times and parties and turn the day into a fascinating excursion filled with interesting snippets on history, fauna, flora, birds, culture and traditions.

If you are trekking in July and August, be warned that these are remote areas with nowhere to buy water or refreshments on route and temperatures in the day can be exceedingly high, so make sure to set out early, armed with a map, GPS and plenty of water.

  1. Port de Pollensa to Cala Boquer

6.5 km loop

This is a short hike which will take you over the mountain from Boquer in Port de Pollensa into the virgin and highly protected valley of Boquer, which lies between Formentor and Cala Sant Vicenç, to the small rocky beach on the other side.

The route is largely unshaded but cooled by the sea breeze and most popular in spring and autumn with bird watchers looking to spot the migratory birds which rest here on route, but also loved by trail runners and hikers.

The bonus of a virgin beach in Mallorca in summer has its obvious allure, and the walk is short and fairly easy to undertake. Great for an early morning dip and back to town for lunch.

The beach is swept by the northern winds and is often covered with wood and litter from the sea. It is nevertheless a small rocky cove with crystal clear water and other than by boat, this is the only access route, so there are few people here even in the height of the summer holiday season.

Take the Boquer path which starts at the small parking area just off the road to Formentor. You will pass a few private properties at the start of the walk so make sure you close any gates behind you.

There is a small incline to about 150m to the top wher you get a full panoramic view of the northern coastline and then the path disappears somewhat and it is more of a clamber down to the beach. 

  1. Port de Pollensa to Cala Sant Vicenç

10 km loop

The Port de Pollensa to Cala Sant Vicenç hike is simple and rewarding with a the bonus of landing you in a small and well catered resort on the north coast, where you can stop for a swim and a bite to eat.

Set out from Siller, near the first Pollensa to Port de Pollensa roundabout and set off towards the dip in the mountains. The path is well signposted for Siller and then later for Cala San Vicente, crossing fields and farmland at first and then it starts to climb.

If you turn round you will see the vast Bay of Pollensa behind you, and Alcudia town and bay.

Once at the top at the Coll de Siller, still in the valley you will get your first glimpse of the beaches and coves on the other side, then the path descends softly to the beach of Cala Molins. 

If you want to stretch the walk out further, cross the 4 coves of Cala Sant Vicenç and walk up the other side to Coves Blanques (the white caves).

  1. Port de Pollensa to Cape Formentor

45 km loop

Formentor is the peninsula you see jutting out from the northernmost point on the island, a continuation of the wonderful mountains of the Tramuntana and UNESCO protected for its unusual and breathtakingly beautiful landscape. 

The longest of our treks today, this is a cycling favourite and a wonderful walking route which you can do cross-country or following the road that leads up from Port de Pollensa to the Mirador (lookout) and down along the winding road to Formentor Hotel and beach.

Here you can either stop for refreshments or carry on through the shaded pine forest which leads all the way to the cape. 

4 km past the hotel turn off you get to two of my favourite beaches, one on either side of the peninsula; Cala Murta on the right and Cala Figuera which requires a bit of scrambling, on the left.

There is a small overpriced cafe serving drinks and snack at the lighthouse on the cape, if you run out of water or want a break. 

  1. La Vittoria

11 km loop

There are two walking routes on the Alcudia peninsula, 6km south along the bay of Port de Pollensa. You may want to drive to the start of the route at the Bar S'Illot and park at the foot of the hill of the Ermita de la Victoria.

We have chosen the slightly shorter and easier route here, which will take approximately 4 hours and covers some 11 kilometres of steep paths amongst pine trees on the edge of this craggy and beautiful side of the Bay of Pollensa.

You don't need a guide for this walk and the road is well signposted and marked all the way up to the Talaia.

The route will take you past the Ermita, which is a small monastery, and up further to the Talaia lookout at the top of the hill.

It can be particularly steep and remote in places and slightly alarming if you get vertigo, but the views over both the bays of Pollensa and Alcudia are worth the effort and you can take the path down to a wonderfully virgin beach called Platja d’es Coll Baix.

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