Cycling training camps in Mallorca

Enjoy Pollensa / 07 Oct 2017
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How to find a specialist cycling hotel in Mallorca

Cycling tourism has taken off in the last decade here on the island, and has bred a whole new concept in hotels; the sports hotel.

Hotels designed and run with cyclists, triathletes and sportsmen and women in mind.

It is important to choose the right sport hotel in Mallorca because it will allow you to focus entirely on your training.

The benefits of choosing a real cycling hotel in Mallorca are considerable, as these hotels cater to the specific needs of the cyclist or sportsman or woman, are fully equipped with cycling and sports facilities and well positioned as a base for cycling tours around the island.

Training camps HOTELS - Services and facilities

Sport and cycling equipment is valuable and days out on the mountains are long and arduous. 

  • Fully equipped sport hotels with the needs of the cyclist in mind
  • Your bike and you need a safe and comfortable place to rest : great hotel rooms and safe bike look up.
  • A hotel with a gym and spa on hand, maybe an indoor pool too
  • Massage services to knead tight muscles after a long ride
  • A cycle shop on the premises with bike hire and kit
  • A base in Mallorca close to the best cycling routes
  • And a good cafe nearby

TRAINING bike camps

Training camps run on the island offer structured training and practical help from experienced coaches with thorough local knowledge.

Local training coaches offer information on roads, routes, traffic and services, as well as providing the logistics and transportation to plan the best possible routes, shuttle bikes and equipment between locations and design a training programme that works for each different cyclist.

Regardless of levels of expertise and experience, training camps can provide different options and sized groups from pro-cyclists and triathletes to club and beginner cyclists training for a fundraising race or sportive.

Tips on how to choose a training camp 

Cycling is an important part of our life in Puerto Pollensa.

Puerto Pollensa hotels have made it their business to know all there is to know about cycling on the island and offer tips on alternative cycling routes, inform you on the weather or state of the roads, suggest places to stop for a bite to eat on the way and tell you about sports events you may be interested to take part in.

Hotel staff will also be happy to make enquiries if you have any further doubts or questions. Relax and regroup with the training team while your training regime, food, accommodation, rest, bike and kit, transport and safety is all taken care of.

So, what should you be looking out for?

  • Early breakfast. The hotel staff needs to take into account that cyclists require a special diet to cope with a whole day spent on the bike and food for sport is an essential element to a training programme. Because cyclists often set off at dawn, they need to start the day with a healthy balanced meal. A nutrient packed meal will set them up for a day out on the bike and a training cyclist or triathlete requires a menu designed especially for their nutritional needs.


  • Safe bike lock up and storage. An all important factor in providing a base for training camps is storage. A bike lock up with a ramp access for cycle support vehicles and separate bike cages for groups of bikes. This ensures the safety of your bike, and the knowledge that when you rest, your bikes are safely locked up. 


  • An easily accessible cycling area.  A cycling-specific area with a bike workshop and possibly an in-house cycle hire shop. A fully equipped bike workshop on the hotel premises and a cycling specialist on hand to repair, refit or hone your bike and get it ready for the following day, as well as a bike shop on the grounds, should you require any extra kit. 

Training camps for large groups

Not only a solitary activity, sport hotels offer large cycling and training camp groups the possibility to all stay at the same hotel, especially in the cooler months when the island´s cycling hotels are emptiest, as are the roads, safe and free of traffic, and when the temperatures have dropped.

Mallorca´s training camps offer cycling groups the possibility of travelling and staying together at the same bike hotel, with self-catering apartments, indoor gyms and spa, and comprehensive meeting rooms to plan routes for current and future training camps in Mallorca. 

Where in Mallorca to book a training camp

Location is an important factor.

A good training camp in Mallorca needs to be well positioned and easily accessible from the main cycling routes; the Tramuntana mountain tours, the flat plains in the centre of the island, and if you are in the north of the island, the Cape of Formentor.

It also needs to be within walking distance of the town, so after a full day of training you can go out to the restaurants and cafes, or even the beach.

The best cycle routes in North Mallorca

Extreme terrain variations within a small surface area make the island an ideal training spot and there are cycling routes in Mallorca to suit all levels and training regimes; rolling flats in the interior, routes along the craggy coast and steep mountain routes in the Serra de Tramuntana.

Here are 4 examples on the kind of training rides you can expect while cycling from Port de Pollensa in the north of Mallorca.

  • Port de Pollensa to Cape Formentor - 40 km loop - 1060m of climbing. A short and challenging ride with spectacular sea views.
  • Port de Pollensa to Caimari to Lluc - 62, 50 km - 1211 m of climbing. Tough on the positive slope, this route takes you into the Tramuntana Mountains.

  • Port de Pollensa to Sa Calobra - 99, 64 km - 2100 m of climbing. One of Mallorca's most gruelling and popular rides, the ascent is on the return.

  • Port de Pollensa to Andratx - 115 km - 3700 m climbing. Cross the entire Serra de Tramuntana on the MA-10.

Training at a Sport Hotel

Training doesn’t only happen out on the roads, but needs to continue back at the hotel.

Taking part in training camps in Mallorca means staying somewhere where you have state of the art sports facilities on site:

  • A gym with an indoor cycling room and a heated swimming pool
  • Massage therapy services - specialists in sports massage with experience with cyclists and triathletes
  • Spa and Wellness centre - health and sport treatments 





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