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Enjoy Pollensa / 05 Oct 2017
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What makes a good SPORT HOTEL?

What does it take to become a cycling hotel in Mallorca?

Cycling is a major business these days in Mallorca and hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and all kinds of affiliated businesses have wanted to hop onto the bandwagon of the cycling phenomenon. It isn't hugely surprising, considering the numbers:

Mallorca cycling in numbers:

Over 140,000 cyclists are expected to arrive in Mallorca between May and September, which between tour operators, cycling training camps, sport hotels and the cycling friendly side of the hospitality business and the pro sportive Mallorca 312 will amount to a staggering 110 million euros!

Not only that, but numbers and revenue are up by about 10% on the previous year and expected to continue climbing.

Puerto Pollensa cycling hotels

Mallorca's hoteliers have been quick to adapt to this entirely new and welcome out of season business and some 120 hotels all over the island have invested large sums of money and time into equipping their establishments to the needs and demands of the cycling guest.

Puerto Pollensa's hotels are no less in this respect. Their location is already ideal in terms of easy accessibility, good connections and proximity to some of the best routes, as well as lower traffic levels in the area.

Key facilities provided in Puerto Pollensa Sport Hotels:

Bike workshops for maintenance and repair

The cyclist abroad may travel with his or her bike or hire one at the destination, either way however, a sport hotel will be required to provide a designated cycling area with a workshop to carry out maintenance and if possible, staffed with professional bike mechanics to aid with repairs.

Secure bike storage

Bikes have come a long way in recent years and are expensive items, not something to leave parked anywhere and certainly not outdoors. Sports and cycling friendly hotels will need to provide secure locked areas to store bikes when not in use, ideally with 24/7 video surveillance.

Access ramps

Accessibility is key to bike friendliness, and this involves good road networks and well maintained roads to access the hotel, but also ramps for support vehicles and cycling shuttles to be able to drive right up to the cycling area to load and unload bikes.

Bike hire

Not everyone wants to transport valuable bikes abroad. Luckily there are several top spec pro cycle hire shops in Puerto Pollensa that can fit you with bikes, pedals, helmets and all the kit you need for a all-out cycling holiday in Mallorca.

Well-equipped gyms 

In house state of the art gym facilities and trained fitness instructors allow cyclists to carry on training whatever the weather, and supplement road cycling with a full fitness regime.

Sport massage services

A professional sports massage will go a long way towards helping avoid cycling injuries and repair existing ones. It is also a efficient way of ending a day out on the road. 

Special sports menus

Whether carb loading or protein based diets, fuel is needed and the sports hotel will provide buffet style, nutritionally balanced meals, catered specifically to the cyclists needs. 

Early breakfasts

A sport hotel will have to supply early bird fuel at dawn, packed lunches, snacks and drinks to go and well-rounded, fresh and locally sourced meals at cycling friendly times to fit around the training regime.

Cleaning facilities

Cycling requires a fair amount of specialist clothing and if you are following a busy regime and going out every day, you will get through a fair amount of clothes. Cleaning facilities, whether in your own apartment or a laundry service provided by the hotel, will be needed.

Heated pools

When the sea is too cold for swimming, cyclists and particularly triathletes will require heated swimming pools to train in at the sport hotel.

Sufficient accommodation for clubs and teams

Cycling clubs, training camps and pro cycling teams, as well as friendly cycling tours travelling together in large groups will require large hotels which can accommodate them in adjoining rooms and in the same area of the hotel.

Cycling shuttle services

Getting to and from Palma de Mallorca airport with bikes requires a certain bike friendly shuttle service and vehicles large enough to safely transport all the equipment.



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