Eating out in Pollença

Enjoy Pollensa / 21 Sep 2017
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The Art of Culinary Savoir-Faire



Mediterranean cuisine, with its global prestige, forms the base of Pollença's gastronomy, and there are a wide range of eating options available both in terms of international cuisine and the best local fare.

With a gastronomic tradition that goes back centuries, innumerable local Majorcan recipes can be recommended, including the island's mouth watering Sopes Mallorquines, made with local Majorcan bread, vegetables and meat, its tasty Tumbet, Arròs brut, Llom amb col or the popular Frit mallorquí. Also worthy of mention is our best-known cured meat, Sobrasada mallorquina, a start ingredient in numerous local specialities.

The island's fresh fish and shellfish are also highly prized delicacies for many people. Species like Cap-roig, Gall de Sant Pere and lobster are some of the most coveted local specialities.

Majorcan cakes and pastries are also very popular both on and off the island. Anyone who tastes a Gató amb ametles or the well-known Ensaïmada will relish them.

Majorca and , in particular, Pollença, have a long tradition of winemaking, leading to the achievement of numerous awards and the Majorcan D.O. Binissalem and D.O. Pla i Llevat designations of origin. A substantial number of wineries can be visited in the Pollença area, where each year a popular Pollensa Wine Fair ; La Fira del Vi, is held, coinciding with the beginning of spring, and where you can taste some of the best wines from the island.

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