Family holidays with kids in Mallorca

Enjoy Pollensa / 29 Apr 2020
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We hope you are all safely at home and well. When this is over, and the island, and world is safe again, we can all start thinking about taking a holiday. For now let's dream.



Things to do with kids and teens on holiday in the north of Mallorca


Puerto Pollensa, way up in the far north of the island of Mallorca, is a wonderful place to spend a family holiday. A holiday with kids of all ages. In the sunshine. In a comfortable and friendly hotel. It's also of course a great place to explore and discover and is popular with all kinds of different people, ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Families enjoy the accessibility, the easy laidback atmosphere and the safety, cyclists are drawn to the cycle routes in the mountains and interior, birders flock to see migrant birds and the local Black Vulture, honeymoon couples, marriages, film crews, golfers, groups of friends and couples all enjoy Pollensa and its surroundings.


What's the weather like in Mallorca?


The climate is typically Mediterranean, meaning temperate year round, with showers in Autumn and Spring, a short cold winter and a long golden summer, stretching from May to September. The annual heatwave strikes in July and starts to temper down in August. Though it may still be too hot for some. The very young, very pale and very old may prefer the edges of Summer, when the weather is milder and the sun less intense. 

Temperatures soar in the peak season and the island typically fills. Most tourists visit at this time of year, constrained by school holidays and work, and if you live in the north of Europe or somewhere equally cold, you may well appreciate the heat at this time of year.


Family holidays in Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa


Pollensa, the old town and the vast horseshoe Bay are popular with families. It is a particularly attractive part of the island to spend a family holiday. Why? It's safe, affordable, easy to get to and friendly. There are loads of hotels to choose from and lots of stuff to do for kids, young and old. 

Practically crime-free is also a massive bonus to holidaying here. The very nature of this place is that the main highway from Palma diverts traffic towards Alcudia, so the Pollensa area is fairly cut off and more exclusive. And we are on an island afterall, so it is far easier to patrol and control. Theses are really just small towns and villages along the coast, with tightknit communities which keep an eye out for eachother. Even when the season starts and the population numbers soar, it still retains it's communal spirit. It is what gives the place such a lovely family feel to it. 


What to do with kids in Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa


The first thing kids want is a pool and most hotels have one. So you are pretty much guaranteed happy sprogs from the outset. A pool, parents on sunloungers within sight, a bar, these are the ingredients of a happy family holiday. 

If you wish to venture out, for a meal say, a snack, an icecream... the towns of Pollensa, Cala Sant Vicente and Puerto Pollensa are alive and vibrant, full of people, and cafes lined along the seefront. There are simply tons of spots to stop at for a bite, or a drink. Souvenir shops along the beach also mean the kids can do a little inexpensive shopping, buy a present or an accessory. Specially fun for teenagers, who need a little freedom. 

In Pollensa old town life revolves around the central square. In Port de Pollensa it's divided between the square and the beach. 


A note on lockdown...

We hope you are all safely at home and well. When this is over, and the island, and world, is safe again, we can all start thinking about taking a holiday. For now let's dream...


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